Jassisays Food Review #2: Lutyens Cocktail House – Janpath, Delhi

It was a lazy Thursday evening and we were looking for a place to sit down and relax and have some nice food. We, a group of foodies from Delhi NCR, decided to visit Lutyens CH. This is perched right atop JLR showroom thus hinting towards the luxury one can expect. Its on the second floor at 22 Janpath, best to take the stair case as the lift can take no more than two foodies at a time. The stairway and the hallway is not very impressive (the place can be transformed though to make a great impression).

Open the doors and you are welcome with subtle lighting, nice music and plush ambiance complete with wooden flooring, leather upholstery and heavy wooden furniture. Well assorted artifacts and a collection of books complete the look and the place looks very relaxed.

The bar is placed at one corner and tables lay casually with a lot of space to move around and maybe shake a leg if the DJ decides to play some peppy numbers. There is ample support staff who are quick to welcome you, take your requests for drinks and starters and are prompt. They were on their toes all the time we were at this place making it pleasurable and memorable.

We took out seat at a high table with bar stool height chairs which were difficult to get on to but were comfortable.

Started our rendezvous with food that evening with the Roasted beetroot with orange jello. Not only did it look appetizing and fancy, the roasted beetroot tasted great with a subtle orange flavour being contributed by the jello, make the combination deadly and it was polished off in no time. Other salad we tried was the Salmon ceviche. While the plating was great, the flavours were a little too subtle for my liking. We also had cold soup along with salads. For drinks, we were offered some interesting cocktails Apple cigar, Cloved and Perfume but being a teetotaler, tried the mocktails being suggested. Tried the Watermelon and Kaffir cooler which was nice and refreshing but again a little too sweet for my liking. Also tried the Mango Jalapeno slush but then settled for the good old Ginger Ale.

Then came the starters, served nicely on stone platters, a beautiful assortment of some of the best veg starters I had. The winner in vegetarian starter section was Mushroon bitterballen which was deep fried goodness. The other two on the platter Wine leafed wrapped Brie cheese and Pesto Marinated Artichoke and Zucchini also need a special mention. On the non veg platter, Wasabi prawns did the trick for me which was served on a bed of finely cut mango in sour sauce. Lamb meat balls were a close second.

As soon as this was washed down, the main course which was a lavish assortment of chef’s imagination. For the veggies, Asparagus Saffron Ravioli, Beetroot Risotto and Aubergine and Ricotta Cheese Steak. All three tasted fine but the Aubergine Cheese stake took the cake for me with a nice burnt taste to it and beautiful presentation.

For the non veggie, Nz. lamb chop with cannellini bean mash, fancy name and presentation but I am not a lamb person so moved on to seafood paella which was subtly flavoured and was my favourite.

Desserts was a tray of neatly cut Tiramisu and Lemon Meringue Mousse, both nicely done and tasted fine.

The place is nice, choice of food is amazing, waiting staff is great, music is good and offers ample space to move around and mingle with people. Food is innovative and is presented beautifully with interesting plating for some of the dishes. This place is high up in order of good places to eat in Delhi but in the end, I was craving for more from my food, a little extra which could make it to my best food list in Delhi. So far only three places feature on that list and I will be writing a post soon on that.

A must try and a thumbs up.

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