OnePlus Two: What to Expect on 27th July?

Disclaimer: First post on technology and I will keep it no nonsense. The post is very very simple to understand for anyone.

OnePlus Two is coming on 27th July. Are you eagerly waiting?

The only reason you should wait is with the launch, the price of OnePlus One will crash and you buy it then. Or if the company decides to price OnePlus Two same as OnePlus One makes perfect sense.

Do not pay extra for OnePlus Two which is almost the same as OnePlus One but for a few features. You would be looking for OnePlus Two vs OnePlus One. Here it is.

Feature Change
Network Tech Same
Dimensions Same
Weight 4 gm more
Sim Same
Screen Same
PPI Same
Protection Upgrade from Corning Gorilla 3 to Gorilla 4
Chipset Snapdragon 810 (upgrade from 801)
CPU Quad @ 1.5GHZ+ Quad @ 2 GHZ (upgrade from 2.5GHZ Quad Core)
Memory Same
Camera 16 MP + 5 MP (upgrade from 13MP + 5 MP)
Connectivity/ Comms Same
Battery 3300 MAH (up from 3100 MAH)

Now couldn’t have made it simpler.

That’s it. You decide.

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