Running a Business Series:#1 Interviews

Disclaimer: I am writing after a long time. Not that I have run out of ideas but I am lazier than before. Frustrations and other life experiences have pushed me to start this business series. Enjoy.

So it was two years ago that I ventured in the other direction. From being interviewed to being on the other side of the table (cool). Initially I used to throw my weight around, act pricey, act over smart but all that joy was short lived as it did not help me get the right candidate. It also made me realize the importance of HR in an organization.(When you are working in corporate you always think that HR managers are useless people. All they do is:

  1. Come late to work.
  2. Focus only on their work life balance.
  3. Come out only once a year during appraisals.
  4. Ass lick the seniors.
  5. Keep their doors closed always (as they say everything is confidential)  and play poker.
  6. Decide their own increments every year.)

But now having worked on the other side I have new found respect for HR. It is by far the most important function in an organization and recruiting and retaining good talent is really a challenge.

So I have interviewed at least 200 people in the last two years including campus interviews and at my office. I am really surprised and appalled at the casual approach of the new generation towards work, professionalism, life and themselves.

Yes we are getting old and the new generation will be different but professionalism has to stay. Will quote few examples from my experiences and if you are reading this and planning to go for an interview please follow these and you might get hired.

  1. Read emails properly. 

e.g. Dear Ridhima,

Please come down for an interview on Monday 5th Sept at 10 am at our office.

Address and google pin in my signature.

Thanks and Regards,

Jasmeet Singh Arora

Chief Believer


+91 991039338

231, P I A,

New Delhi, 11009

google pin:

Dear Sir,

Thanks for the opportunity. Where do I have to come. Its not mentioned in your mail.


Dear Ridhima,

My previous mails clearly said its in my signature.

Hope that is clear.


Dear Sir,

OHK. See you.

2. Report on time: How difficult is it to report for an interview on time. Fashionably late is being taken too seriously. 15 to 30 minutes late is normal. At least have the courtesy to inform that you are late. Some are kind enough to inform. e.g. sorry sir, struck in bad traffic. (I thought you were struck by lightning). Oh so you are stuck in traffic. Great.

If you are not reporting on time for something as important as your interview, you will not be in time for office. I would not consider your candidature for sure.

3. Curriculum Vitae: Most underestimated but most potent tool you have. Brag all you can about yourself, share as much information as you can about what you have done. Sad part is that it is one of the most ignored tool by candidates applying for jobs.

Don’t get your name wrong on your own CV. I came across someone who had mis-spelt his own name and when asked about it started justifying. Sorry buddy, you lack rigour/ attention to detail, you will not be hired.

Mention about your educational qualification: I see this as a new trend these days where candidates have stopped mentioning their college/ school name, their year of pass out etc. Why? All that is important.

4. Why did you switch so many jobs? It is fashionable nowadays to switch jobs every 3-6 months. There are many many candidates who have done that with no valid reason. When asked these are the answers that you get:

I did it for growth (really 3 jobs in one year, so did you really grow, are you taller now?)

I had learnt enough so I thought I would move on.

I did not like the place.

By switching so often, I am sure you would not stay for more than 6 months with my company as well so you will not be recruited for sure.

5. Sharing confidential information: So you think by sharing confidential info about your current or previous employer makes you a hot candidate. Its a red flag. If recruited, you would do the same to me as well. No thank you.

6. No lies: Please do not lie about what you used to do, how long did you work in an organization, how much money did you make and how many people reported to you. Its a small world and reference checks still work. You lie is one phone call away from being quashed.

Still waiting for the right candidate who does not showcase these gross negatives. Send one who you think is right to work with me.

All that I have penned down is very basic but that’s the tough part these days, sticking to basics. What is simple is not necessarily unnecessary.

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