What’s for dinner?

Disclaimer: Let me take care of the pleasantries first. A disclaimer is a must. This blog is about life and its sarcasms and this post is not funny.
A random thought crossed my head when I sat down for dinner today. What did I have on my plate? Rice, Dal, Rajma, Bharwa Mirch, and Aloo methi. Thats quite a lot (it included left overs from lunch and dinner yesterday), mind you, left overs. Did I thank God for giving me this nice meal, well yes today I did. Do I do is always, no, very rarely. I am privileged to have such nice food on my plate and aplenty and also left overs and we waste a lot of it, throw away a lot of food.
Look around, how many are as privileged? May be all in your peer set, your neighbours, you friends, colleagues, relatives, all are privileged (of course you are, you are reading this that means you have internet access, you are top 5% of the Indian population in terms of money). How often do we look beyond our comfort zone and think about the lesser privileged, those who struggle to have a meal, who could survive on our leftovers. May be we feel bad whenever we cross a traffic signal, seeing beggers, kids you kid’s age, begging. You feel bad about it, you even think why is she/he not at school etc. Have you ever imagined your kid at their place, its a very scary thought but it has crossed my mind several times when ever I have come across some such underprivileged kids/ people.
Have I done anything about it, no I have not, thought many times while crossing the traffic signal but have never done post that. As the signal turns green, life moves back to normal, we eat at an expensive restaurant, waste some food and come back home. 
We would have done our bit one day once a year when out companies would have forced us to go and do charity, help the underprivileged, teach them but for one day? How would it help, how would it change anything? I went to a blind school for the last charity week, was there for a few hours, felt bad about the blind kids and came back to my life.
What’s the solution to this? I don’t know. Its very difficult or is it simple. Can’t I do something for them, not just for one day but on a regular basis. I don’t have an answer to it yet. May be next month on my birthday I will celebrate it differently but I now definitely feel the urge to do something about it. Not trying to showoff how good I am but I feel helpless in such cases and would be happy to spend my Sundays differently, my festivals differently, money in a different way where I could get real happiness, where every kids gets to eat and has choice like my kids have. Sounds ideal but who else would come and change this for us. We will have to. Also my thoughts on the institutions like, NGO, blind schools, orphanages etc. I feel they are still better off than those who are not a part of these institutions. These institutions get a lot of regular attention, aids etc. My question is larger, what about the one who are not at these places, out on the road, who would face the chilling winter out on the road in the open.
Since I don’t have an answer, I am opening the forum for people to share their thoughts and help me understand how can I change it, how can I help, do something different everyday which will make a real difference to the lives of these people.
Please share such causes and I would be happy to join. Signing off on a sad note today.

2 comments for “What’s for dinner?

  1. mehak kapoor
    November 4, 2014 at 10:32 pm

    Touched me !!! In winters I know a small group of people who distribute blankets on roads to poor. I give my contribution to them. Again, once was a part of blanket distribution but could not control my emotions!. Also, during summers I distribute mangoes, we all love mangoes but some of us can’t afford them. And ,however unromantic it may sound, ever valentines I give gifts to my househelps, watchmen, cleaner and other helps in my society complex.
    Jasmeet, you have struck a cord here.

  2. manu sareen
    November 5, 2014 at 10:08 am

    U speak my mind….eloquently :).
    And I agree now more than ever that I need to do something, get out of my comfort zone n over my blind spot (too many) . n I promise I will. Before the month is over..i wud have started. Thanx Jasmeet.

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