Writer’s block. Runner’s block.

Disclaimer: I have not written in a long time so i cant call myself a writer. I know of writer’s block and has been happening to me. Either I don’t get ideas or I am not penning them down. Just plain lazy I guess.

Disclaimer 2: Runner’s block: I was not sure if that term existed. Did Google it, shows a running website.

What I am referring to is the feeling of not getting out to run as often as one used to do.

I guess I am suffering from one and trying very hard to get out of it. Thought I would share my thoughts on that.

Started running in 2010, peaked in 2013 where I used to put in 40 km per week religiously. One day of rest a week was good and if I missed two days, used to feel guilty and got back as soon as possible.

Clocked about 1190 kms in 2013, 1000 in 2014 and 660 in 2015. Mileage kept dropping due to job change, lifestyle change etc and kept playing on my mind.

Come 2016 where I did my second full marathon in Mumbai and after that it just stopped.

There are various reasons behind why it happens. My views on this:

  1. After completion of a race: I have done two full marathons and after completing both, the break post the race has been very long. Its the contentment that I have achieved a big goal and hence I can relax is what takes it away from you every single day. I used to follow one thing religiously earlier, the day I ran a race, I used to register for the next one on the same day. That kept me motivated. Guess stopping that has resulting in a drop. One of the reasons.
  2. Injuries: Very important and very frustrating. I have been a slipped disc patient since 2007 and the lesser you exercise the greater it becomes. I had my share of back injuries at various intervals and it takes away weeks and months of running from you and getting back is all the more difficult. This year after the Mumbai marathon, I was anyway relaxing but 3 weeks later when I decided to start running, fractured my ankle and that took another two months from me. Its a struggle to get back and when you are not running, you tend to gain wait, posture etc and start feeling bad about yourself resulting in a lot of negative things. The earlier you get back, better it is.
  3. Lifestyle: We give in to our lifestyle changes very easily, enjoying late nights, skipping running sessions etc but it takes a toll. Slowly you start accepting it as a way of life and running takes a back seat. Occasional breaks from running are fine but when it becomes a habit, its tough to get back.

There are many more subtle things like work pressure, family pressure etc but let that all be a part of your life and don’t let it affect your routine.

Remember you are a runner and you have to make time for it.

I am getting back from this month with running, cycling and swimming training for ADHM and SCMM. Hope I can overcome the Runner’s block.

Share your experiences and thoughts.

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