Why do I run?

Disclaimer: I have uploaded the before after picture at my own risk, fully aware of the fact that posting such embarrassing pictures can lead to reduced number of followers but I have taken this sacrifice to motivate you.
Why do I run?
Well everyone would think its a valid question, does he not have anything better to do like watching a movie, tv, spend time on social media? Well I used to do that and got fat, very fat and very unhealthy (it’s a point of view, my mother found me healthy and chubby). So let’s start from the start.
I was obese: Corporate life(office parties, lots of free food) and sedentary lifestyle (this means sitting and doing nothing) took a toll on my health and before I realised it, I was nearing 95 kgs (I looked big). The first shock came in 2007 Nov. when I suffered my first disc prolapse (first really long leave where I was away from work for a month and still got my salary, not to forget sympathy calls and visits from my office colleagues and cute girls). I could not move and was hospitalised for a month (a post is due on why I love hospitals). Was at the hospital for about 15 days (and I had a good time- watching movies and repeats, serials and repeats, nurses and repeats, had a sea facing room with no worry). After focusing on health for some time was back to old ways. 
I was still obese: The second shocker was in 2009 Nov. when I suffered my second disc prolapse (this was after an office outbound where during a team game I had picked up a team member to impress female colleagues). Was again hospitalised for a month, this time with cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure nearing red zones and with hypo thyroid (the stay was again pleasant, same room with same view). Docs told me if you wanna live long do something about your health and think of your daughter and wife(it pays to get emotional, people are more likely to share posts). 
Reset life: Given I was a back patient, I could not walk or run but I was allowed to swim. Without wasting any time I started swimming everyday ( not to mention the only other occupants of the pool early morning were two other girls), for 40 min. My stamina grew and I was able to do 60 lengths in 40 min (showing off here but I was a good swimmer). By July 2010 I was strong enough and 6 kgs lighter when I was allowed to exercise and jog. 
I hit the gym in the evenings along with swimming in the morning and with guidance and constant workout,  was running by November. Now at 84 kgs I ran my first half in Jan 2011 at SCMM (only I know how I completed this race) clocking 2:28. That really gave met the kick and i started running regularly (showing off again). 
Motivational stuff: I used to gift myself something nice after every long run and the biggest motivation was getting fit. I moved to Gurgaon in 2011 August when I became very regular. Since then there has been no looking back. I have run 13 halfs since then and the full marathon was finally done in Dec 2014. In the last 36 months have run 2800 Kms. (This section is for you to get motivated and think very highly of me, “what a guy! What determination!” are some thoughts that will cross your mind, don’t hold yourself back, go ahead and praise)
Now I look cool: Now at 78 kgs I feel top of the world. I am sure with another 6 kgs weight loss and guidance from Gurgaon Road Runners(GRR) and Sid I will be able to do a 99 min half this year. (And I have78% of my FB friends as females: there is a post on that too)
Thought I would share this with you if it could inspire you in some way. I love the enthusiasm in the group (GRR- follow them on FB) and would love to do as many runs with you as possible. 
I run because I love it, it keeps me fit, it gives me the confidence and keeps me energetic all day.(not to forget the attention you get)
Signing off.
p.s. This post was written some time back but refurbished today. Also even when I know it’s embarrassing, attaching a before after photograph.

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