Gurgaon Road Runners


No it is not the abbreviation, I am actually grinding my teeth in disgust. I know everybody would be writing good things about this group, I have a different take. Read on if you wish.

My first run with the group: dooms day

The fateful day when I decided to run with them at Galleria in May 2014. Life changed. How?  Explained in simple heartfelt points below.

  1. I liked running whenever I wanted to, how much ever I wanted to. The group tried to put a method to my running. Who wants that? I started following a schedule and became a slave and more regular. I didn’t ask for it. Come on, why make running systematic and convert a raw runner to a methodical one. Totally sucks. I hate you GRR for that.
  2. I liked to party till late ( so everyone says but that partying is limited to watching TV till late and munching). You took that away from me. I started sleeping on time to get up at crazy hours for an early morning run. You call that life. So depressing. Totally unhealthy, and you said you promote a healthy lifestyle.
  3. I loved running alone and enjoyed it. You forced me to run in groups, make friends and spend time with them both during runs and otherwise. Why take away my loneliness from me. Who wants cool, good looking friends. Not happening.
  4. I used to learn from my own mistakes during races be it pacing, hydration, nutrition, injuries etc. Now you tell me that I should gain from the experience of 1800 other runners. Why? What’s the harm in learning slowly on my own. Life is long. I would have done well.
  5. I don’t like paparazzi, I like to be what I am and not brag about it. Joining you has taken my privacy away, featuring in newspapers now and then. Come on, we didn’t even sign a contract for such appearances  in papers. Wait till I get a lawyer.
  6. I am a runner and you are forcing me to deviate from that and start cycling, yoga and what not. Cross training, who needs that. I was fine but now corrupted. Had to buy a cycle, yoga mat etc. Don’t do this.

Enough said. I am corrupted and addicted so can’t even give up so will keep showing up for every group run, cycling or yoga sessions.

You join at your own risk. Don’t say then that you were not warned.


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