ODD EVEN Rule – Delhi: Jassisays

Disclaimer: I fully support the move as it has more pros than cons.
Disclaimer 2: first disclaimer was to ensure i do not get targeted by any political parties.

Its high time that something like this happened.  I will go a little back in time when Delhi was Indraprastha.  It was not polluted at all.  When one reads history books one would realize that since there were no vehicles,  hence there was no pollution. 
No vehicles = no pollution
Vehicles = pollution (no,  no cancel)
Divide both sides by half and you get half pollution. 
So history also supports this rule.

Now back to present.  What are the other benefits in addition to pollution?

(wait,  out of foresight,  stop reading this and buy shares for cab companies first) .
Now that you are richer,  continue reading.

  1. Unemployment will be history: now if this rule is implemented,  traffic police would need people on ground to implement this which will result in mass recruitments.  I am told that close to 300000 personnel would be needed to keep this rule going.  Education would not be an issue.  Entrance test for Delhi Traffic Police would only require one to identify even and odd numbers (another business opportunity: odd even classes,  get a job in DTP (Delhi Traffic Police)  in just one day) (bracket in bracket is my speciality in case you noticed the last sentence).
    Once recruited,  all selected candidates would be made to watch PK (Aamir Khan movie)  for training them.  All they would need to do is identify odd or even number and shout “yeh wrong number hai”.(thanks to the PK training). That takes care of implementation.

  2. RTO will get rich: in addition to auctioning premium numbers,  RTOs will auction even and odd numbers which would mean a lot of money (a lot,  out of proportion,  you cant even imagine,  are you a fool).

  3. Automobile companies will sell two vehicles at the same time: special twosome offers with great package deals on two vehicles would ensure huge growth in the sector.  They would ensure one with even number and one with odd.  Ancillaries and other job opportunities would follow. 

  4. Happier employees: work from home would be a norm,  special leave sanctions for odd even numbered employees,  HR would have a good time.

  5. Hotel industry: staycations for a day till your car is road worthy will be a norm resulting in 100% occupancy for hotels in and around Delhi.

I can go on and on.  There are so many positives.  For cons,  meet me on an even day. 

Hope you know even from odd. (forgot to mention,  all maths papers for IIT entrance would have a special odd even section –  IIT,  CM,  ODD EVEN rule,  get the point? ).  I know you are a little slow hence explained in yet another parentheses.

Now let me find a number plate guy.  Bye.

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